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Meet Tony

After walking a road of active addiction for over 20 years, Tony finally reached a place where apathy and despair were his only companions. After a lifetime of addiction, Tony found himself at the doors of MN Adult and Teen challenge in 2015. After 13 months of treatment and rehabilitation, Tony walked into his new life with dignity, purpose, and integrity. However, Tony did not have safe housing or a way to support himself.

Now that you have a glimpse of Tony’s story, we hope you will understand why Lighthouse Beginnings was formed to help people, like Tony, who are in the process but still need help to successfully transition into society. Our federal/local governments and industries pour billions of dollars into support services, rehabilitation, jails, and prisons every year. When that support abruptly ends, individuals are falling back into their previous lifestyle.

LHB fills the void between these agencies and reintegration into society. LHB provides safe housing, training, and coordinated support services for adult individuals who have addictions or are released from prison and in need of extended care and support.

Our first goal is to build funds up to $500,000 that will allow us to acquire 4 homes in four different regions of MN to ensure we can house an applicant in a safe environment.

Then we can start building the skills needed to be a productive member of their community. See our services for more information.

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Lighthouse Beginnings is a 501c3 and your generous donations are tax deductible.