LHB Homes


Lady’s, make this 19th century Barron Mansion in Little Falls your home. Develop your Christian family of support that will be with you the rest of your life.

  • Double Occupancy
  • Private bathroom in each room
  • Large living room and visiting room
  • All utilities covered
  • Transition from double occupancy to single occupancy on third level apartment


Gentlemen, are you ready to further your Christian learning in this immaculate home, take on a new job, or start your own business? Look no further. Come and live with us as you transition into your new life.

  • Double Occupancy
  • All utilities covered


Transition into this single living home before you venture out into this world. This home is a work in progress which allows you to understand what it takes to maintain a home. It will allow you to learn maintenance skills.

  • Rent the two bedrooms on your own or bring in a roommate.